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Queen Katarina

Katarina Kotromanić was the last Bosnian gueen. She was born in 1424 as a member of Herceg-Stjepan Kosača family, in Hum country, today's Herzegovina. When she got married for king Stjepan Tomaš and became the Bosnian queen, she was spending the most of her time at royal court (Curia bani) in Kraljeva Sutjeska, and also at Bobovac. When Bobovac, a nd consequently whole Bosnia, fell into Ottoman hands, queen Katarina managed to escape to Dubrovnik. However, her children Sigismund i Katarina were taken into Ottoman slavery and there they disappear without trace.

As the only lawful heiress to the throne, Katarina left Dubrovnik and went to Rome, where she lived under Pope's protection. She lived in convent, praying and crying for her children, exiled people and Bosnian country. She died on 25th October 1478, she was burried at St. Maria d'Aracoeli in Rome. Women in the surroundings of Kraljeva Sutjeska up to the present day wear the black scarfs as a symbol of deep mourning for their last queen.