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Nongovernmental Association "Kraljevski grad Bobovac" from Vareš works from July 2004. The program goals of the Association are protection, renovation, reconstruction and re-establishment of the reputation of an ancient town Bobovac. Centre of the Association is in town Vareš, since the locality of the mediaeval town Bobovac is situated on the territory of Vareš municipality.
The Association, abbreviation "Bobovac", in its logotype join the contours of Bobovac's mausoleum and royal court at the back, accompanied with the colours of BiH state flag and stars associating on EU.
Chairman of the Association Board is Mladenko Marijanović from Vareš, vice-president is holder of Ph D. degree Stjepan Duvnjak from Kraljeva Sutjeska, and president of the Supervisory Board is holder of Ph D. degree Dubravko Lovrenović from Sarajevo.

Tips for visitors
It is possible to reach Bobovac from two directions, one via Vareš and the other via Kakanj and Kraljeva Sutjeska (from there it is also possible to reach Bobovac by foot). It is recommended to come by off-road vehicle because both routs are the macadam rouds. This part with the macadam road is 12 km long. It is not possible to reach Bobovac itself by the vehicle, therefore the last kilometer have to be covered by foot along narrow paths. Therefore, the most suitable to wear are the sport shoes. There is no a spring at Bobovac area, for that reason it is necessary to bring water with you. Bobovac is 777 metre height above sea-level. At the locality there is the eaves to take rests. There is 66 km from Sarajevo via Vareš to Bobovac (in terms of time 90 minutes). If required, but with early notice, the Association may provide an escort to Bobovac, and in the exceptional cases